Once you know how many guests are being invited you can start to look at various locations and venues for your Asian wedding day. At the same time, you should take into account the styling that you want and whether you want a modern-looking venue or something more historic and traditional. Somewhere out there, there will be the perfect Asian wedding venue for you; you just need to find it! Once you have decided on the type of wedding venue you want, and the bride and groom have both been involved in the choice, a budget can be fixed. If you want something very spectacular then the higher your budget will need to be. The chances are that you are going to want a venue that offers very large capacity so you may wish to include country-house style venues as well as the more standard hotels. If your wedding is in the summer, then how about a large marquee in the garden, or even a spot close to the beach? The best venues tend to get booked up quickly so do allow up to eighteen-months in advance in order to give yourself a chance at getting your preferred dates and first choice of location.

The other thing to consider is the physical location of your venue

Most couples go for somewhere near to where they live or possibly where they were born. If you have guests coming from overseas, do think about how they will get to the venue and whether or not the same venue offers overnight accommodation. If not, you may need to look at finding hotel accommodation nearby.
As with your photographer, make sure that you visit the venue; if they are hosting a wedding fayre, make time to go along and see the area dressed as it would be for your wedding day.

Find Asian Wedding Venue

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